What Laravel cache do I need to clear to remove error about missing migration file?


What Laravel cache do I need to clear to remove error about missing migration file?

I've got a couple of migrations for tables within my app. The tables are:


There is a one to many relationship between people and each of the other tables. 
// The people table definition

Schema::create('people', function (Blueprint $table) {

// the skill table definition with the foreign key constraint referencing people

Schema::create('skills', function (Blueprint $table) {

When I was creating the migrations via artisan I accidentally created the skills migration file before the people migration. 
This caused a problem because when you run php artisan migrate, the files are fired in timestamp order and if a primary key is not established before a foreign key constraint is defined you get an error, e.g. 
The file:

Will fire after the file:

Because the skills file has a smaller timestamp prefix in the name (17:42:21 comes before 17:42:27). This means the foreign key constraint in skills is looking for a primary key in people that doesn't exist yet.
So to fix that, I renamed the file 2016_02_24_174227_create_people_table.php to 2016_02_24_170000_create_people_table.php. 
This fix worked, but now whenever I php artisan migrate:refresh my tables, I get an error saying that artisan is somehow still looking for the old people file:

I tried clearing the application cache with php artisan cache:clear, but I still get the error. 
Is there a particular cache I need to clear to remove the reference to the original migration file?


Answer 1:

It’s not a cache issue. You just have to run composer again:

composer dump-autoload

Answer 2:

Rollback your migration and check