Nuget installed panel empty after VS 2017 update

Nuget installed panel empty after VS 2017 update

I updated my VS to 15.7.3 version today and now my Nuget panel with installed packages is empty. Not empty but showing only System.Runtime.
I have a packages.config file in my project and everything worked just fine before the update.
Also the solution wont build. It is showing the following error
This project references NuGet package(s) that are missing on this computer. Use NuGet Package Restore to download them.  For more information, see The missing file is ..\packages\Microsoft.Bcl.Build.1.0.21\build\Microsoft.Bcl.Build.targets. C:\Users\User\Source\Repos\xxxx1-sol\xxxx1\xxxx1.csproj 6039    

What might be the problem ?
Update 1
I tried installing all of the packages again and after I installed a couple of them I saw this in References

Update 2:
I tried deleting the .packages folder before installing the packages again via Nuget and the folder .packages was not created
My project path is C:\Users\User\Source\Repos\Project123-Git
Also I see that now I have a folder .nuget at C:\Users\User.nuget that has the folder packages in it.
I also tried deleting the file packages.config but Nuget still has my newly installed packages even if packages.config does not exsist


Answer 1:

After a suggestion on Github Nuget page I managed to find a solution

I unloaded the project, opened the project file and removed all the PackageReference nodes from it. I then deleted the obj folder and Nuget started recognizing my packages again. Project now builds just fine.

Thank you all for your help

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