AngularJS ng-click broken inside a popover

AngularJS ng-click broken inside a popover

I’m trying to write a directive to load a partial html file, compile it against a scope & use it as the Bootstrap popover content.
However I’m stuck at a very basic step, write a hide() method on the popover scope so that I can easily close it using ng-click=hide().

This has been solved & the plunker is now covering other issues ;-).
UPDATE : plunker to the rescue :
.directive(‘uiPopover’, [‘$compile’, ‘$http’, function($compile, $http) {
return {
restrict: ‘A’,
scope: {
hide: ‘&hide’ // did not understand what is this
link: function postLink(scope, element, attr, ctrl) {
console.warn(‘postLink’, arguments, this);

// scope is the anchor scope = “Hello”; // Using {{name}} is working
scope.hide = function() { // Using ng-click=”hide()” is not working 🙁

$http.get(attr.uiPopover).success(function(data) {
content: $compile(data)(scope), // popover content will get a new scope that I need to put hide() on.
html: true



Solution 1:

See this google group thread, in particular Andy’s fiddle.
The difficultly seems to be that the popover widget/component creates a new DOM element that is placed outside the scope where the ui-popover directive is.

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Solution 2:

My solution is the same, but for whatever it’s worth, this is the code snippet I end up using. Hope this helps!

//Initialize & config popover controls
$('[data-toggle="popover"]').popover({ html : true })
    .click(function(ev) {
     //this is workaround needed in order to make ng-click work inside of popover

And don’t forget to include $compile and $scope as dependency.

Solution 3:

I had to use $compile(tip.contents())(scope); after the tip has been created (by binding “click”). Check the Plunker for the solution.

Solution 4:

look at here how you can make you need and much more. i think it’s awesome )

this is the part of library Angular-Strap