close select2 dropdown via javascript/jquery

close select2 dropdown via javascript/jquery

Good day, How can I properly close a select2 dropdown via jquery or javascript??
for now Im using select2-dropdown.toggle() to close it,
but I noticed that It will simply hide the list and the select2 box is still being highlighted
I want to lost focus it or something like that just to close it properly and be able to come up with a result like this one .
by the way the screen shots are dark because those select2 boxes are under a bootstrap modal that would come up whenever I press enter.
Any advice would really be appreciated! Thanks in advance


Solution 1:

I know this is an old question but in order to do this using the API you would simply do the following:

Select2 API


The question also mentions bootstraps modal dialog which tends to be a reason why people want to close it programmatically.

For anyone’s info this is how you do that:

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Bootstrap 3

$('#myModal').on('', function () {

Bootstrap 2

$('#myModal').on('hidden', function () {

Solution 2:

In v4.0, none of the other answers worked for me. Using jQuery to select just the mask had no effect. I had to use the id of the select box itself:


This also worked, but may not be preferred:



Also, for Bootstrap 3, the event was too late and the select2 mask would linger for a second during the animation. The worked a little smoother for us:

$('#modalYourModal').on('', function () {
    //close select2 in case its open

Solution 3:

this one works for me $("#select2-drop-mask").click();

Solution 4:

The select2-dropdown-*mask* didn’t work for me, but the below did.


Solution 5:


I think this is what you’re looking for.
Here you have an example in JSFiddle created by me just now.


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