How to use bootstrap in Meteor?

How to use bootstrap in Meteor?

I’m trying to use bootstrap in meteor 1.0.
I add bootstrap package in meteor with this command: “meteor add bootstrap”.
But it can’t works for me correctly.
I need one row with two columns.
This is my html:

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But I see two rows with 100% width. Wherein container or container-fluid works, I see this is one the screen.
What is the problem?
I need to link bootstrap.css in header? But Meteor do this automatically IMHO.
Thank you.


Solution 1:

By using meteor add bootstrap you are actually adding Bootstrap 2.3, which does not know the col-md-x classes. Either switch to using Bootstrap 3 using meteor add twbs:bootstrap which will install the official Bootstrap framework (v3) or adjust your code to

<div class="span6">span4</div>

Personally, I prefer using Bootstrap 3 instead of the core bootstrap package coming with Meteor core. Also, the boostrap package provided by MDG is marked as deprecated.

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Solution 2:

I recommend installing the official Twitter Bootstrap supported package:

meteor add twbs:bootstrap

See their GitHub for more details

Solution 3:

Starting from Meteor 1.3 which offers first-class npm support, the recommended approach is to install Bootstrap directly from npm.

$ meteor npm install --save bootstrap

(This also saves bootstrap in your package.json file so someone else who checks out your app can install it with meteor npm install.)

Then, in any client-side JS file (e.g. /client/main.js):

import 'bootstrap';
import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css';
import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap-theme.css';

If you’re interested in more customized Bootstrap installs using SASS/SCSS, etc. check out this post.

Solution 4:

Have you tried with other package? For example with :

I think that Meteor has dropped core Bootstrap package.