Is there a visual web editor based on bootstrap? [closed]

Is there a visual web editor based on bootstrap? [closed]

Bootstrap is a great framework, and I want to know if there a tool that could give you the possibility of dragging HTML component resizing them, moving them, changing the colours… and in the same time HTML code is getting generated, where the CSS is based on bootstrap wouldn’t that be great?
EDIT: I found this one recently


Solution 1:

I know of 3 Bootstrap “editors”, 2 of which have drag-and-drop feature. I don’t think you’ll find all of the features your talking about (at least not yet) in any one of them.

Take a look at..

DivShot — (try/buy) Drag/drop, HTML/CSS editing, supports Bootstrap, Foundation and Ratchet

JetStrap — (try/buy) Bootstrap only, Drag/drop, HTML/CSS/JS editing

Bootply — (free) Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS editing, drag+drop, sharing/collaboration, Bootstrap snippets

LayoutIt — (donation) “Create your frontend code simple and quickly with Bootstrap using our Drag & Drop Interface Builder.”

EDIT: Almost forgot Easel (shutdown)

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