Javascript features work on localhost but not when deployed to Heroku

Javascript features work on localhost but not when deployed to Heroku

I’ve noticed that when I deploy to Heroku, javascript features dont work (such as Bootstrap Popover, Buttons, etc). I’m working with rails 3.2.2, ruby 1.9.3. The features work on localhost. There appear to be no errors displayed when deployed to Heroku (the features simply don’t show up).
Any ideas? Thanks!


Solution 1:

I also had similar problem but the problem was happening on localhost as well.

You are probably using rails-bootstrap gem. It installs a file This file was culprit. It had .popover use and relevant plugin was not included. I commented that out as I was not using it anyway but you should consider including the popover plugin for bootstrap.

Solution 2:

Manually precompiling worked for me.

bundle exec rake assets:precompile before you push to heroku.

Solution 3:

I had the exact same issue (I’m very new to Rails). I eventually solved the issue by rearranging the order of files within application.js:

//= require jquery
//= require jquery_ujs
//= require twitter/bootstrap

For the javascripts to work in development, “require jquery” needed to be after “require twitter/bootstrap.” In production, jquery needed to come first. Not sure what caused this, but it now works when deployed to Heroku.

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I used these two posts:

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Solution 4:

Check your production.rb file. I believe the line needs to be:

config.assets.compile = true

I believe this gets set to false by default.

Solution 5:

Remember that everything that you would normally do on localhost, you must be doing with heroku. Make sure you heroku run rake assets:precompile.

Solution 6:

Checked the minified js for my app, and popover was twice in the file.

Be sure that only one of bootstrap and boostrap-sprockets is declared in your javascript assets

From the docs:

bootstrap-sprockets and bootstrap should not both be included in application.js.

bootstrap-sprockets provides individual Bootstrap Javascript files
(alert.js or dropdown.js, for example), while bootstrap provides a
concatenated file containing all Bootstrap Javascripts.

Be sure that only one of bootstrap and bootstrap sprockets

Refs: bootstrap-sass github issue and here.

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