Append an element with fade in effect [jQuery]

Append an element with fade in effect [jQuery]

var html = “

Hello stuff here


This doesn’t seem to work.
I just want a cool effect when the content gets appended.
Note: I want just the new “blah” div to fade in, not the entire “mycontent”.


Solution 1:


Solution 2:

Adding a little more info:

jQuery implements “method chaining”, which means you can chain method calls on the same element. In the first case:


you would be applying the fadeIn call to the object which is target of the method chain, in this case #mycontent. Not what you want.

In @icktoofay’s (great) answer you have:


This basically means, create the html, set it as hidden by default, append it to #mycontent and then fade it in. The target of the method chain now is hmtl instead of #mycontent.

Solution 3:

This also works