change html text from link with jquery

change html text from link with jquery

a simple question here
Is there a way to change the text “click here”
click here

in this link


Solution 1:

You have to use the jquery’s text() function. What it does is:

Get the combined text contents of all
matched elements.

The result is a
string that contains the combined text
contents of all matched elements. This
method works on both HTML and XML
documents. Cannot be used on input
elements. For input field text use the
val attribute.

For example:

Find the text in the first paragraph
(stripping out the html), then set the
html of the last paragraph to show it
is just text (the bold is gone).

var str = $("p:first").text();

Test Paragraph.

Test Paragraph.

With your markup you have to do:

$('a#a_tbnotesverbergen').text('new text');

and it will result in

<a id="a_tbnotesverbergen" href="#nothing">new text</a>

Solution 2:

The method you are looking for is jQuery’s .text() and you can used it in the following fashion:

$('#a_tbnotesverbergen').text('text here');

Solution 3:

$('#a_tbnotesverbergen').text('My New Link Text');


$('#a_tbnotesverbergen').html('My New Link Text or HTML');

Solution 4:

You need J-query library to do this simply:

<script src="//"></script>

First you need to put your element in div like this:

<div id="divClickHere">
<a id="a_tbnotesverbergen" href="#nothing">click here</a>

Then you should write this J-Query Code:

<script type="text/javascript">
$("#divClickHere a").text('Your new text');

Solution 5:

From W3 Schools HTML DOM Changes: If you look at the 3rd example it shows how you can change the text in your link, “click here”.

<a id="a_tbnotesverbergen" href="#nothing">click here</a>


var element=document.getElementById("a_tbnotesverbergen"); 
element.innerHTML="New Text";

Solution 6:

I found this to be the simplest piece of code for getting the job done. As you can see it is super simple.

original link text

I use:



   Sector1 = 'my new link text';