Changing cursor to waiting in javascript/jquery

Changing cursor to waiting in javascript/jquery

How would i get my cursor to change to this loading icon when a function is called and how would i change it back to a normal cursor in javascript/jquery


Solution 1:

In your jQuery use:

$("body").css("cursor", "progress");

and then back to normal again

$("body").css("cursor", "default");

Solution 2:

A colleague suggested an approach that I find preferable to the chosen solution here. First, in CSS, add this rule:

body.waiting * {
    cursor: progress;

Then, to turn on the progress cursor, say:


and to turn off the progress cursor, say:


The advantage of this approach is that when you turn off the progress cursor, whatever other cursors may have been defined in your CSS will be restored.
If the CSS rule is not powerful enough in precedence to overrule other CSS rules, you can add an id to the body and to the rule, or use !important.

Solution 3:

Please don’t use jQuery for this in 2018! There is no reason to include an entire external library just to perform this one action which can be achieved with one line:

Change cursor to spinner: = 'wait';

Revert cursor to normal: = 'default';

Solution 4:

Using jquery and css :


HTML: <div id="element">Click and wait</div>​

CSS: .wait {cursor:wait}​

Demo here

Solution 5:

The following is my preferred way, and will change the cursor everytime a page is about to change i.e. beforeunload

$(window).on('beforeunload', function(){
   $('*').css("cursor", "progress");

Solution 6:

You don’t need JavaScript for this. You can change the cursor to anything you want using CSS :

selector {
    cursor: url(myimage.jpg), auto;

See here for browser support as there are some subtle differences depending on browser