Chrome doesn’t delete session cookies

Chrome doesn’t delete session cookies

I’m trying to set session cookie in javascript like this:
document.cookie = ‘name=alex; path=/’

But Chrome doesn’t delete it even if I quit browser and launch it again.
I checked in Firefox and Opera and both work as intended – they delete session cookie on browser exit.
Is Chrome just ignoring expiration rules?
I checked in multiple OSes and found out that session cookie gets removed on Chrome in Windows XP and Ubuntu, but NOT in Mac OSX Lion.


Solution 1:

This can be caused by having Chrome set to Continue where you left off.

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Solution 2:

I just had the same problem with a cookie which was set to expire on “Browsing session end”.

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Unfortunately it did not so I played a bit with the settings of the browser.

Turned out that the feature that remembers the opened tabs when the browser is closed was the root of the problem. (The feature is named “On startup” – “Continue where I left off”. At least on the current version of Chrome).

This also happens with Opera and Firefox.

Solution 3:

I just had this issue.
I noticed that even after I closed my browser i had many chrome processes running. Turns out theses were each from my chrome extension.

Under advanced settings I unchecked 'Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed' and my session cookies started working as they should.

Still a pain the the rear for all of us developers that have been coding expecting that session cookies would get cleared when the user is done browsing

Solution 4:

This maybe because Chrome is still running in background after you close the browser. Try to disable this feature by doing following:

  1. Open chrome://settings/
  2. Click “Show advanced settings …”
  3. Navigate down to System section and disable “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”.
    This will force Chrome to close completely and then it will delete session cookies.
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However, I think Chrome should check and delete previous session cookies at it starting instead of closing.

Solution 5:

I had to both, unchecked, under advanced settings of Chrome :

  • ‘Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed’
  • “Continue where I left off”, “On startup”

Solution 6:

A simple alternative is to use the new sessionStorage object. Per the comments, if you have ‘continue where I left off’ checked, sessionStorage will persist between restarts.