convert a JavaScript string variable to decimal/money

convert a JavaScript string variable to decimal/money

How can we convert a JavaScript string variable to decimal?
Is there a function such as


Solution 1:

Yes — parseFloat.


For formatting numbers, use toFixed:

var num = parseFloat(document.getElementById(amtid4).innerHTML).toFixed(2);

num is now a string with the number formatted with two decimal places.

Solution 2:

You can also use the Number constructor/function (no need for a radix and usable for both integers and floats):

Number('09'); /=> 9
Number('09.0987'); /=> 9.0987

Solution 3:

This works:

var num = parseFloat(document.getElementById(amtid4).innerHTML, 10).toFixed(2);

Solution 4:

var formatter = new Intl.NumberFormat("ru", {
  style: "currency",
  currency: "GBP"

alert( formatter.format(1234.5) ); // 1 234,5 £

Solution 5:

It is fairly risky to rely on javascript functions to compare and play with numbers. In javascript (0.1+0.2 == 0.3) will return false due to rounding errors. Use the math.js library.

Solution 6:

An easy short hand way would be to use +x
It keeps the sign intact as well as the decimal numbers.
The other alternative is to use parseFloat(x).
Difference between parseFloat(x) and +x is for a blank string +x returns 0 where as parseFloat(x) returns NaN.