Convert string with commas to array

Convert string with commas to array

How can I convert a string to a JavaScript array?
Look at the code:
var string = “0,1”;
var array = [string];

In this case, alert would pop-up a 0,1. When it would be an array, it would pop-up a 0, and when alert(array[1]); is called, it should pop-up the 1.
Is there any chance to convert such string into a JavaScript array?


Solution 1:

For simple array members like that, you can use JSON.parse.

var array = JSON.parse("[" + string + "]");

This gives you an Array of numbers.

[0, 1]

If you use .split(), you’ll end up with an Array of strings.

["0", "1"]

Just be aware that JSON.parse will limit you to the supported data types. If you need values like undefined or functions, you’d need to use eval(), or a JavaScript parser.

If you want to use .split(), but you also want an Array of Numbers, you could use, though you’d need to shim it for IE8 and lower or just write a traditional loop.

var array = string.split(",").map(Number);

Solution 2:

Split it on the , character;

var string = "0,1";
var array = string.split(",");

Solution 3:

This is easily achieved in ES6;

You can convert strings to Arrays with Array.from(‘string’);


will console.log

['0', '1']

Which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Solution 4:

If the string is already in list format, you can use the JSON.parse:

var a = "['a', 'b', 'c']";
a = a.replace(/'/g, '"');
a = JSON.parse(a);

Solution 5:

Convert all type of strings

var array = (new Function("return [" + str+ "];")());

var string = "0,1";

var objectstring = '{Name:"Tshirt", CatGroupName:"Clothes", Gender:"male-female"}, {Name:"Dress", CatGroupName:"Clothes", Gender:"female"}, {Name:"Belt", CatGroupName:"Leather", Gender:"child"}';

var stringArray = (new Function("return [" + string+ "];")());

var objectStringArray = (new Function("return [" + objectstring+ "];")());


Result in console

enter image description here

Some practice doesnt support object strings

- JSON.parse("[" + string + "]"); // throw error

 - string.split(",") 
// unexpected result 
   ["{Name:"Tshirt"", " CatGroupName:"Clothes"", " Gender:"male-female"}", "      {Name:"Dress"", " CatGroupName:"Clothes"", " Gender:"female"}", " {Name:"Belt"",    " CatGroupName:"Leather"", " Gender:"child"}"]

Solution 6:

For simple array members like that, you can use JSON.parse.

var listValues = "[{\"ComplianceTaskID\":75305,\"RequirementTypeID\":4,\"MissedRequirement\":\"Initial Photo Upload NRP\",\"TimeOverdueInMinutes\":null}]";

var array = JSON.parse("[" + listValues + "]");

This gives you an Array of numbers.

now you variable value is like array.length=1

Value output