Convert URL parameters to a JavaScript object

Convert URL parameters to a JavaScript object

I have a string like this:
How can I convert it into a JavaScript object like this?
abc: ‘foo’,
def: ‘[asf]’,
xyz: 5


Solution 1:


This edit improves and explains the answer based on the comments.

var search =;
JSON.parse('{"' + decodeURI(search).replace(/"/g, '\\"').replace(/&/g, '","').replace(/=/g,'":"') + '"}')


Parse abc=foo&def=%5Basf%5D&xyz=5 in five steps:

  • decodeURI: abc=foo&def=[asf]&xyz=5
  • Escape quotes: same, as there are no quotes
  • Replace &: abc=foo","def=[asf]","xyz=5
  • Replace =: abc":"foo","def":"[asf]","xyz":"5
  • Suround with curlies and quotes: {"abc":"foo","def":"[asf]","xyz":"5"}

which is legal JSON.

An improved solution allows for more characters in the search string. It uses a reviver function for URI decoding:

var search =;
JSON.parse('{"' + search.replace(/&/g, '","').replace(/=/g,'":"') + '"}', function(key, value) { return key===""?value:decodeURIComponent(value) })


search = "abc=foo&def=%5Basf%5D&xyz=5&foo=b%3Dar";


Object {abc: "foo", def: "[asf]", xyz: "5", foo: "b=ar"}

Original answer

A one-liner:

JSON.parse('{"' + decodeURI("abc=foo&def=%5Basf%5D&xyz=5".replace(/&/g, "\",\"").replace(/=/g,"\":\"")) + '"}')

Solution 2:

2018 ES6/7/8 and on approach

Starting ES6 and on, Javascript offers several constructs in order to create a performant solution for this issue.

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This includes using URLSearchParams and iterators

let params = new URLSearchParams('abc=foo&def=%5Basf%5D&xyz=5');
params.get("abc"); // "foo"

Should your use case requires you to actually convert it to object, you can implement the following function:

function paramsToObject(entries) {
  let result = {}
  for(let entry of entries) { // each 'entry' is a [key, value] tupple
    const [key, value] = entry;
    result[key] = value;
  return result;

Basic Demo

const urlParams = new URLSearchParams('abc=foo&def=%5Basf%5D&xyz=5');
const entries = urlParams.entries(); //returns an iterator of decoded [key,value] tuples
const params = paramsToObject(entries); //{abc:"foo",def:"[asf]",xyz:"5"}

Using Object.fromEntries and spread

We can use Object.fromEntries (which is currently in stage 4), replacing paramsToObject with Object.fromEntries(entries).

Since URLParams, returns an iterable object, using the spread operator instead of calling .entries will also yield entries per its spec:

The value pairs to iterate over are the list name-value pairs with the
key being the name and the value being the value.

const urlParams = new URLSearchParams('abc=foo&def=%5Basf%5D&xyz=5');
const params = Object.fromEntries(...params); // {abc: "foo", def: "[asf]", xyz: "5"}

Note: All values are automatically strings as per the URLSearchParams spec

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Solution 3:

Split on & to get name/value pairs, then split each pair on =. Here’s an example:

var str = "abc=foo&def=%5Basf%5D&xy%5Bz=5"
var obj = str.split("&").reduce(function(prev, curr, i, arr) {
    var p = curr.split("=");
    prev[decodeURIComponent(p[0])] = decodeURIComponent(p[1]);
    return prev;
}, {});

Another approach, using regular expressions:

var obj = {}; 
str.replace(/([^=&]+)=([^&]*)/g, function(m, key, value) {
    obj[decodeURIComponent(key)] = decodeURIComponent(value);

This is adapted from John Resig’s “Search and Don’t Replace”.

Solution 4:

This is the simple version, obviously you’ll want to add some error checking:

var obj = {};
var pairs = queryString.split('&');
for(i in pairs){
    var split = pairs[i].split('=');
    obj[decodeURIComponent(split[0])] = decodeURIComponent(split[1]);

Solution 5:

I found $.String.deparam the most complete pre built solution (can do nested objects etc.). Check out the documentation.

Solution 6:

A concise solution:
  .map(p => p.split('='))
  .reduce((obj, pair) => {
    const [key, value] =;
    return ({ ...obj, [key]: value })
  }, {});