Copy folder recursively in node.js

Copy folder recursively in node.js

Is there an easier way to copy a folder and all its content without manually doing a sequence of fs.readir , fs.readfile, fs.writefile recursively ?
Just wondering if i’m missing a function which would ideally work like this


Solution 1:

You can use ncp module. I think this is what you need

Solution 2:

This is my approach to solve this problem without any extra modules. Just using the built-in fs and path modules.

Note: This does use the read / write functions of fs so it does not copy any meta data (time of creation etc.). As of node 8.5 there is a copyFileSync functions available which call the OS copy functions and therefore also copies meta data. I did not test them yet, but it should work to just replace them. (See

var fs = require('fs');
var path = require('path');

function copyFileSync( source, target ) {

    var targetFile = target;

    //if target is a directory a new file with the same name will be created
    if ( fs.existsSync( target ) ) {
        if ( fs.lstatSync( target ).isDirectory() ) {
            targetFile = path.join( target, path.basename( source ) );

    fs.writeFileSync(targetFile, fs.readFileSync(source));

function copyFolderRecursiveSync( source, target ) {
    var files = [];

    //check if folder needs to be created or integrated
    var targetFolder = path.join( target, path.basename( source ) );
    if ( !fs.existsSync( targetFolder ) ) {
        fs.mkdirSync( targetFolder );

    if ( fs.lstatSync( source ).isDirectory() ) {
        files = fs.readdirSync( source );
        files.forEach( function ( file ) {
            var curSource = path.join( source, file );
            if ( fs.lstatSync( curSource ).isDirectory() ) {
                copyFolderRecursiveSync( curSource, targetFolder );
            } else {
                copyFileSync( curSource, targetFolder );
        } );

Solution 3:

There are some modules that support copying folders with their content. The most popular would be wrench

// Deep-copy an existing directory
wrench.copyDirSyncRecursive('directory_to_copy', 'location_where_copy_should_end_up');

An alternative would be node-fs-extra

fs.copy('/tmp/mydir', '/tmp/mynewdir', function (err) {
  if (err) {
  } else {
}); //copies directory, even if it has subdirectories or files

Solution 4:

 * Look ma, it's cp -R.
 * @param {string} src The path to the thing to copy.
 * @param {string} dest The path to the new copy.
var copyRecursiveSync = function(src, dest) {
  var exists = fs.existsSync(src);
  var stats = exists && fs.statSync(src);
  var isDirectory = exists && stats.isDirectory();
  if (exists && isDirectory) {
    fs.readdirSync(src).forEach(function(childItemName) {
      copyRecursiveSync(path.join(src, childItemName),
                        path.join(dest, childItemName));
  } else {
    fs.linkSync(src, dest);

Solution 5:

fs-extra worked for me when ncp and wrench fell short:

Solution 6:

For linux/unix OS, you can use the shell syntax

const shell = require('child_process').execSync ; 

const src= `/path/src`;
const dist= `/path/dist`;

shell(`mkdir -p ${dist}`);
shell(`cp -r ${src}/* ${dist}`);

That’s it!