Detect browser or tab closing

Detect browser or tab closing

Is there any cross-browser JavaScript/jQuery code to detect if the browser or a browser tab is being closed, but not due to a link being clicked?


Solution 1:

If I get you correctly, you want to know when a tab/window is effectively closed. Well, AFAIK the only way in Javascript to detect that kind of stuffs are onunload & onbeforeunload events.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), those events are also fired when you leave a site over a link or your browsers back button. So this is the best answer I can give, I don’t think you can natively detect a pure close in Javascript. Correct me if I’m wrong here.

Solution 2:

From Firefox Documentation

For some reasons, Webkit-based browsers don’t follow the spec for the dialog box. An almost cross-working example would be close from the below example.

window.addEventListener("beforeunload", function (e) {
  var confirmationMessage = "\o/";

  (e || window.event).returnValue = confirmationMessage; //Gecko + IE
  return confirmationMessage;                            //Webkit, Safari, Chrome

This example for handling all browsers.

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Solution 3:

Simple Solution

window.onbeforeunload = function () {
    return "Do you really want to close?";

Solution 4:

<body onbeforeunload="ConfirmClose()" onunload="HandleOnClose()">

var myclose = false;

function ConfirmClose()
    if (event.clientY < 0)
        event.returnValue = 'You have closed the browser. Do you want to logout from your application?';

function HandleOnClose()
    if (myclose==true) 
        //the url of your logout page which invalidate session on logout 
        location.replace('/contextpath/j_spring_security_logout') ;

//This is working in IE7, if you are closing tab or browser with only one tab

Solution 5:

Sorry, I was not able to add a comment to one of existing answers, but in case you wanted to implement a kind of warning dialog, I just wanted to mention that any event handler function has an argument – event. In your case you can call event.preventDefault() to disallow leaving the page automatically, then issue your own dialog. I consider this a way better option than using standard ugly and insecure alert(). I personally implemented my own set of dialog boxes based on kendoWindow object (Telerik’s Kendo UI, which is almost fully open-sourced, except of kendoGrid and kendoEditor). You can also use dialog boxes from jQuery UI. Please note though, that such things are asynchronous, and you will need to bind a handler to onclick event of every button, but this is all quite easy to implement.

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However, I do agree that the lack of the real close event is terrible: if you, for instance, want to reset your session state at the back-end only on case of the real close, it’s a problem.

Solution 6:

I needed to automatically log the user out when the browser or tab closes, but not when the user navigates to other links. I also did not want a confirmation prompt shown when that happens. After struggling with this for a while, especially with IE and Edge, here’s what I ended doing (checked working with IE 11, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox) after basing off the approach by this answer.

First, start a countdown timer on the server in the beforeunload event handler in JS. The ajax calls need to be synchronous for IE and Edge to work properly. You also need to use return; to prevent the confirmation dialog from showing like this:

    window.addEventListener("beforeunload", function (e) {        
          type: "POST",
          url: startTimerUrl,
          async: false           

Starting the timer sets the cancelLogout flag to false. If the user refreshes the page or navigates to another internal link, the cancelLogout flag on the server is set to true. Once the timer event elapses, it checks the cancelLogout flag to see if the logout event has been cancelled. If the timer has been cancelled, then it would stop the timer. If the browser or tab was closed, then the cancelLogout flag would remain false and the event handler would log the user out.

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Implementation note: I’m using ASP.NET MVC 5 and I’m cancelling logout in an overridden Controller.OnActionExecuted() method.