Detect element content changes with jQuery

Detect element content changes with jQuery

change() function works and detects changes on form elements, but is there a way of detecting when a DOM element’s content was changed?
This does not work, unless #content is a form element
$(“#content”).change( function(){
// do something

I want this to trigger when doing something like:

Also html() or append() function don’t have a callback.
Any suggestions?


Solution 1:

These are mutation events.

I have not used mutation event APIs in jQuery, but a cursory search led me to this project on GitHub. I am unaware of the project’s maturity.

Solution 2:

I know this post is a year old, but I’d like to provide a different solution approach to those who have a similar issue:

  1. The jQuery change event is used only on user input fields because if anything else is manipulated (e.g., a div), that manipulation is coming from code. So, find where the manipulation occurs, and then add whatever you need to there.

  2. But if that’s not possible for any reason (you’re using a complicated plugin or can’t find any “callback” possibilities) then the jQuery approach I’d suggest is:

    a. For simple DOM manipulation, use jQuery chaining and traversing, $("#content").html('something').end().find(whatever)....

    b. If you’d like to do something else, employ jQuery’s bind with custom event and triggerHandler

    $('#content').unbind().bind('customAction', function(event, data) {

Here’s a link to jQuery trigger handler:

Solution 3:

what about

  console.log($('body').width() + ' x '+$('body').height());

This event has been deprecated in favor of the Mutation Observer API

Solution 4:

The browser will not fire the onchange event for <div> elements.

I think the reasoning behind this is that these elements won’t change unless modified by javascript. If you are already having to modify the element yourself (rather than the user doing it), then you can just call the appropriate accompanying code at the same time that you modify the element, like so:

 $("#content").html('something').each(function() { });

You could also manually fire an event like this:


If neither of these solutions work for your situation, could you please give more information on what you are specifically trying to accomplish?

Solution 5:

Try to bind to the DOMSubtreeModified event seeign as test is also just part of the DOM.

see this post here on SO:


Solution 6:

Try this, it was created by James Padolsey(J-P here on SO) and does exactly what you want (I think)