Determine distance from the top of a div to top of window with javascript

Determine distance from the top of a div to top of window with javascript

How do I determine the distance between the very top of a div to the top of the current screen? I just want the pixel distance to the top of the current screen, not the top of the document. I’ve tried a few things like .offset() and .offsetHeight, but I just can’t wrap my brain around it. Thanks!


Solution 1:

You can use .offset() to get the offset compared to the document element and then use the scrollTop property of the window element to find how far down the page the user has scrolled:

var scrollTop     = $(window).scrollTop(),
    elementOffset = $('#my-element').offset().top,
    distance      = (elementOffset - scrollTop);

The distance variable now holds the distance from the top of the #my-element element and the top-fold.

Here is a demo:

Note that negative values mean that the element is above the top-fold.

Solution 2:


window.addEventListener('scroll', function(ev) {

   var someDiv = document.getElementById('someDiv');
   var distanceToTop = someDiv.getBoundingClientRect().top;


Open your browser console and scroll your page to see the distance.

Solution 3:

This can be achieved purely with JavaScript.

I see the answer I wanted to write has been answered by lynx in comments to the question.

But I’m going to write answer anyway because just like me people sometimes forget to read the comments.

So, if you just want to get an element’s distance (in Pixels) from the top of your screen window, here is what you need to do:

// Fetch the element
var el = document.getElementById("someElement");  

use getBoundingClientRect()

// Use the 'top' property of 'getBoundingClientRect()' to get the distance from top
var distanceFromTop = el.getBoundingClientRect().top; 

Thats it!

Hope this helps someone 🙂

Solution 4:

I used this:

                              myElement = document.getElemenById("xyz");
Get_Offset_From_Start       ( myElement );  // returns positions from website's start position
Get_Offset_From_CurrentView ( myElement );  // returns positions from current scrolled view's TOP and LEFT


function Get_Offset_From_Start (object, offset) { 
    offset = offset || {x : 0, y : 0};
    offset.x += object.offsetLeft;       offset.y += object.offsetTop;
    if(object.offsetParent) {
        offset = Get_Offset_From_Start (object.offsetParent, offset);
    return offset;

function Get_Offset_From_CurrentView (myElement) {
    if (!myElement) return;
    var offset = Get_Offset_From_Start (myElement);
    var scrolled = GetScrolled (myElement.parentNode);
    var posX = offset.x - scrolled.x;   var posY = offset.y - scrolled.y;
    return {lefttt: posX , toppp: posY };
function GetScrolled (object, scrolled) {
    scrolled = scrolled || {x : 0, y : 0};
    scrolled.x += object.scrollLeft;    scrolled.y += object.scrollTop;
    if (object.tagName.toLowerCase () != "html" && object.parentNode) { scrolled=GetScrolled (object.parentNode, scrolled); }
    return scrolled;

    // live monitoring
    window.addEventListener('scroll', function (evt) {
        var Positionsss =  Get_Offset_From_CurrentView(myElement);