Determine if an object property is ko.observable

Determine if an object property is ko.observable

I’m using KnockoutJS version 2.0.0
If I’m looping through all properties of an object, how can I test whether each property is a ko.observable? Here’s what I’ve tried so far:
var vm = {
prop: ko.observable(”),
arr: ko.observableArray([]),
func: ko.computed(function(){
return this.prop + ” computed”;
}, vm)

for (var key in vm) {
vm[key].constructor === ko.observable,
vm[key] instanceof ko.observable);

But so far everything is false.


Solution 1:

Knockout includes a function called ko.isObservable(). You can call it like ko.isObservable(vm[key]).

Update from comment:

Here is a function to determine if something is a computed observable:

ko.isComputed = function (instance) {
    if ((instance === null) || (instance === undefined) || (instance.__ko_proto__ === undefined)) return false;
    if (instance.__ko_proto__ === ko.dependentObservable) return true;
    return ko.isComputed(instance.__ko_proto__); // Walk the prototype chain

UPDATE: If you are using KO 2.1+ – then you can use ko.isComputed directly.

Solution 2:

Knockout has the following function which I think is what you are looking for:


Solution 3:

To tack on to RP Niemeyer’s answer, if you’re simply looking to determine if something is “subscribable” (which is most often the case). Then ko.isSubscribable is also available.

Solution 4:

I’m using


Update: As of version 2.3.0, ko.unwrap was added as substitute for ko.utils.unwrapObservable