EINVRES Request to https://bower.herokuapp.com/packages/ failed with 502

EINVRES Request to https://bower.herokuapp.com/packages/ failed with 502

Bower install fails with 502 – Bad Gateway when downloading bower packages.
For example bower install for ember library gives following response in command line.

EINVRES Request to https://bower.herokuapp.com/packages/ember failed
with 502

When http://bower.herokuapp.com/ is accessed directly from URL it gives the following message.

This Bower version is deprecated. Please update it: npm install -g
bower. The new registry address is https://registry.bower.io


Solution 1:

Bower is deprecating their registry hosted with Heroku. http://bower.herokuapp.com/ Will not be accessible anymore or it might be down intermittently, therefore, forcing users to a new registry.

Users working on old bower versions can update the .bowerrc file with the following data.

  "registry": "https://registry.bower.io"

.bowerrc file can be located at the same folder where bower.json and bower_components folder is located. If it is not present already, you can make one.

For references check the below links

Solution 2:

Simplest solution is to just upgrade bower to latest version

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If installed via NPM:

npm i -g bower

Solution 3:

When using asp.net core then should change something like this. bowerrc.json you can find inside project folder.

     "registry": "https://registry.bower.io",
     "directory": "wwwroot/lib"

Solution 4:

If you use windows to install npm, You must run “Node.js command prompt” with administrator and run this command: npm i -g bower.
I tried and worked 🙂

Solution 5:

echo '{"registry": "https://components.bower.io","directory": "wwwroot/lib"}' > .bowerrc