Embedding JavaScript engine into .NET [closed]

Embedding JavaScript engine into .NET [closed]

just wondering if anyone has ever tried embedding and actually integrating any js engine into the .net environment. I could find and actually use (after a LOT of pain and effort, since it’s pretty outdated and not quite finished) spidermonkey-dotnet project. Anyone with experience in this area? Engines like SquirrelFish, V8..
Not that I’m not satisfied with Mozilla’s Spidermonkey (using it for Rails-like miniframework for custom components inside the core ASP.NET application), but I’d still love to explore a bit further with the options. The command-line solutions are not what I’d need, I cannot rely on anything else than CLR, I need to call methods from/to JavaScript/C# objects.
// c# class
public class A
public string Hello(string msg)
return msg + ” whatewer”;

// js snippet
var a = new A();
console.log(a.Hello(‘Call me’)); // i have a console.log implemented, don’t worry, it’s not a client-side code 🙂

Just to clarify – I’m not trying to actually program the application itself in server-side javascript. It’s used solely for writing custom user subapplications (can be seen as some sort of DSL). It’s much easier (and safer) to allow normal people programming in js than C#.

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Solution 1:

Try Javascript .NET. It is hosted on GitHub It was originally hosted on CodePlex, here)

Project discussions: http://javascriptdotnet.codeplex.com/discussions

It implements Google V8. You can compile and run JavaScript directly from .NET code with it, and supply CLI objects to be used by the JavaScript code as well. It generates native code from JavaScript.

Solution 2:

The open source JavaScript interpreter Jint (http://jint.codeplex.com) does exactly what you are looking for.

The project has been entirely rewritten and is now hosted on Github at https://github.com/sebastienros/jint

Solution 3:

You might also be interested in Microsoft ClearScript
which is hosted on GitHub and published under the Ms-Pl licence.

I am no Microsoft fanboy, but I must admit that the V8 support has about the same functionnalities as Javascript.Net, and more important, the project is still maintained. As far as I am concerned, the support for delegates also functions better than with Spidermonkey-dotnet.

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ps: It also support JScript and VBScript but we were not interested by this old stuff.

ps: It is compatible with .NET 4.0 and 4.5+

Solution 4:

Anybody just tuning in check out Jurassic as well:


edit: this has moved to github (and seems active at first glance)


Solution 5:

You can try ironJS, looks promising although it is in heavy development. https://github.com/fholm/IronJS

Solution 6:

I guess I am still unclear about what it is you are trying to do, but JScript.NET might be worth looking into, though Managed JScript seems like it may be more appropriate for your needs (it is more like JavaScript than JScript.NET).

Personally, I thought it would be cool to integrate V8 somehow, but I didn’t get past downloading the source code; wish I had the time to actually do something with it.