How can I remove or replace SVG content?

How can I remove or replace SVG content?

I have a piece of JavaScript code which creates (using D3.js) an svg element which contains a chart. I want to update the chart based on new data coming from a web service using AJAX, the problem is that each time I click on the update button, it generates a new svg, so I want to remove the old one or update its content.
Here is a snippet from the JavaScript function where I create the svg:
var svg =“body”)
.attr(“width”, w)
.attr(“height”, h);

How can I remove the old svg element or at least replace its content?


Solution 1:

Here is the solution:"svg").remove();

This is a remove function provided by D3.js.

Solution 2:

If you want to get rid of all children,


will remove all content associated with the svg.

Note: This is recommended in case you want to update chart.

Solution 3:

Setting the id attribute when appending the svg element can also let d3 select so remove() later on this element by id :

var svg ="theParentElement").append("svg")


Solution 4:

I had two charts.

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<div id="barChart"></div>
<div id="bubbleChart"></div>

This removed all charts."svg").remove(); 

This worked for removing the existing bar chart, but then I couldn’t re-add the bar chart after"#barChart").remove();

Tried this. It not only let me remove the existing bar chart, but also let me re-add a new bar chart."#barChart").select("svg").remove();

var svg ='#barChart')
       .attr('width', width + margins.left + margins.right)
       .attr('height', height + + margins.bottom)
       .attr('transform', 'translate(' + margins.left + ',' + + ')');

Not sure if this is the correct way to remove, and re-add a chart in d3. It worked in Chrome, but have not tested in IE.

Solution 5:

I am using the SVG using D3.js and i had the same issue.

I used this code for removing the previous svg but the linear gradient inside SVG were not coming in IE


then I wrote the below code to resolve the issue

$('container_div_id g').remove();
$('#container_div_id path').remove();

here i am removing the previous g and path inside the SVG, replacing with the new one.

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Keeping my linear gradient inside SVG tags in the static content and then I called the above code, This works in IE

Solution 6:

You could also just use jQuery to remove the contents of the div that contains your svg.