How can I specify the base for Math.log() in JavaScript?

How can I specify the base for Math.log() in JavaScript?

I need a log function for JavaScript, but it needs to be base 10. I can’t see any listing for this, so I’m assuming it’s not possible. Are there any math wizards out there who know a solution for this?


Solution 1:

“Change of Base” Formula / Identity

The numerical value for logarithm to the base 10 can be calculated
with the following identity.

Logarithm for base 10

Since Math.log(x) in JavaScript returns the natural logarithm of x (same as ln(x)), for base 10 you can divide by Math.log(10) (same as ln(10)):

function log10(val) {
  return Math.log(val) / Math.LN10;

Math.LN10 is a built-in precomputed constant for Math.log(10), so this function is essentially identical to:

function log10(val) {
  return Math.log(val) / Math.log(10);

Solution 2:

Easy, just change the base by dividing by the log(10). There is even a constant to help you

Math.log(num) / Math.LN10;

which is the same as:

Math.log(num) / Math.log(10);

Solution 3:

You can simply divide the logarithm of your value, and the logarithm of the desired base, also you could override the Math.log method to accept an optional base argument:

Math.log = (function() {
  var log = Math.log;
  return function(n, base) {
    return log(n)/(base ? log(base) : 1);

Math.log(5, 10);

Solution 4:

the answer here would cause obvious precision problem and is not reliable in some use cases

> Math.log(10)/Math.LN10

> Math.log(100)/Math.LN10

> Math.log(1000)/Math.LN10

> Math.log(10000)/Math.LN10

Solution 5:

Math.log10 = function(n) {
    return (Math.log(n)) / (Math.log(10));

Then you can do


NOTE: Initially I thought to do Math.prototype.log10 = ... to do this, but user CMS pointed out that Math doesn’t work this way, so I edited out the .prototype part.

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Solution 6:

const logBase = (n, base) => Math.log(n) / Math.log(base);