How can I split a JavaScript string by white space or comma?

How can I split a JavaScript string by white space or comma?

If I try
“my, tags are, in here”.split(” ,”)

I get the following
[ ‘my, tags are, in here’ ]

Whereas I want
[‘my’, ‘tags’, ‘are’, ‘in’, ‘here’]


Solution 1:

String.split can also accept a regular expression:

input.split(/[ ,]+/);

This particular regex splits on a sequence of one or more commas or spaces, so that e.g. multiple consecutive spaces or a comma+space sequence do not produce empty elements in the results.

Solution 2:

The suggestion to use .split(/[ ,]+/) is good, but with natural sentences sooner or later you’ll end up getting empty elements in the array. e.g. ['foo', '', 'bar'].

Which is fine if that’s okay for your use case. But if you want to get rid of the empty elements you can do:

var str = 'whatever your text is...';
str.split(/[ ,]+/).filter(Boolean);

Solution 3:

you can use regex in order to catch any length of white space, and this would be like:

var text = "hoi how     are          you";
var arr = text.split(/\s+/);

console.log(arr) // will result : ["hoi", "how", "are", "you"]

console.log(arr[2]) // will result : "are" 

Solution 4:

"my, tags are, in here".split(/[ ,]+/)

the result is :

["my", "tags", "are", "in", "here"]

Solution 5:


\s* matches zero or more white space characters (not just spaces, but also tabs and newlines).

[\s,] matches one white space character or one comma

If you want to avoid blank elements from input like "foo,bar,,foobar", this will do the trick:


The + matches one or more of the preceding character or group.


Added ?after comma which matches zero or one comma.

Edit 2:

Turns out edit 1 was a mistake. Fixed it. Now there has to be at least one comma or one space for the expression to find a match.

Solution 6:

When I want to take into account extra characters like your commas (in my case each token may be entered with quotes), I’d do a string.replace() to change the other delimiters to blanks and then split on whitespace.