How do I find out with jQuery if an element is being animated?

How do I find out with jQuery if an element is being animated?

I’m trying to move some elements on the page, and during the time the animation occurs, I want to have “overflow:hidden” applied to an elemnt, and “overflow” back to “auto” once the animation is completed.
I know jQuery has an utility function that determines whether some element is being animated but I can’t find it anywhere in the docs


Solution 1:

if( $(elem).is(':animated') ) {...}

More info:


    .css('overflow' ,'hidden')
    .animate({/*options*/}, function(){
        // Callback function
        $(this).css('overflow', 'auto');

Solution 2:

Alternatively, to test if something is not animated, you can simply add a “!”:

if (!$(element).is(':animated')) {...}

Solution 3:

If you want to apply css to animated elements, you can use the :animated pseudo selector and do it like this,


source :

Solution 4:

$('selector').click(function() {
  if ($(':animated').length) {
    return false;

  $("html, body").scrollTop(0);

Solution 5:

if you are using css animation and assign the animation by using specific class name, then you can check it like this:

if($("#elem").hasClass("your_animation_class_name")) {}

But make sure that you are removing the class namewhich is handling the animation, after the animation is finished!

This code can be used to remove the class name after the animation is finished:

$("#elem").on('webkitAnimationEnd mozAnimationEnd MSAnimationEnd oanimationend animationend',