How do I remove javascript validation from my eclipse project?

How do I remove javascript validation from my eclipse project?

I am using eclipse on my project and while messing around with my eclipse settings, I turned on Javascript support. Now eclipse complains that JQuery library has errors in it and is not letting me compile the project. Does anyone know how to turn javascript validation off?


Solution 1:

I actually like MY JavaScript files to be validated, but I definitely don’t want to validate and deal with trivial warnings with third party libraries.

That’s why I think that turning off validation all together is too drastic. Fortunately with Eclipse, you can selectively remove some JavaScript sources from validation.

  1. Right-click your project.
  2. Navigate to: Properties → JavaScript → Include Path
  3. Select Source tab. (It looks identical to Java Build Path Source tab.)
  4. Expand JavaScript source folder.
  5. Highlight Excluded pattern.
  6. Press the Edit button.
  7. Press the Add button next to Exclusion patterns box.
  8. You may either type Ant-style wildcard pattern, or click Browse button to mention the JavaScript source by name.

The information about JavaScript source inclusion/exclusion is saved into .settings/.jsdtscope file. Do not forget to add it to your SCM.

Here is how configuration looks with jQuery files removed from validation:

Eclipse - Project Properties - JavaScript - Include Path

Solution 2:

Turn off the JavaScript Validator in the “Builders” config for your project:

  1. Right click your project
  2. Select Properties -> Builders
  3. Uncheck the “JavaScript Validator”

Then either restart your Eclipse or/and rename the .js to something like .js_ then back again.

Solution 3:

I removed the tag in the .project .


It’s worked very well for me.

Solution 4:

Window -> Preferences -> JavaScript -> Validator (also per project settings possible)


Window -> Preferences -> Validation (disable validations and configure their settings)

Solution 5:

I was able to exclude the 1.1.1 in Juno by selecting Add Multiple next to the Exlusion Patterns, which brings up the tree, then drilling down to the jquery-mobile folder and selecting that.

This corrected all the warnings for the library!

Solution 6:

Go to Windows->Preferences->Validation.

There would be a list of validators with checkbox options for Manual & Build, go and individually disable the javascript validator there.

If you select the Suspend All Validators checkbox on the top it doesn’t necessarily take affect.