how to break the _.each function in underscore.js

how to break the _.each function in underscore.js

I’m looking for a way to stop iterations of underscore.js _.each() method, but can’t find the solution. jQuery .each() can break if you do return false.
Is there a way to stop underscore each()?
if (v==2) return /*what?*/;


Solution 1:

You can’t break from the each method—it emulates the native forEach method’s behavior, and the native forEach doesn’t provide to escape the loop (other than throwing an exception).

However, all hope is not lost! You can use the Array.every method. 🙂

From that link:

every executes the provided callback function once for each element present in the array until it finds one where callback returns a false value. If such an element is found, the every method immediately returns false.

In other words, you could do something convoluted like this (link to JSFiddle):

[1, 2, 3, 4].every(function(n) {
    return n !== 3;

This will alert 1 through 3, and then “break” out of the loop.

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You’re using underscore.js, so you’ll be pleased to learn that it does provide an every method—they call it every, but as that link mentions, they also provide an alias called all.

Solution 2:


_.find would be better as it breaks out of the loop when the element is found:

var searchArr = [{id:1,text:"foo"},{id:2,text:"bar"}];
var count = 0;
var filteredEl = _.find(searchArr,function(arrEl){ 
              count = count +1;
              if( === 1 ){
                  return arrEl;

//since we are searching the first element in the array, the count will be one
//output: filteredEl : {id:1,text:"foo"} , count: 1

** Old **

If you want to conditionally break out of a loop, use _.filter api instead of _.each. Here is a code snippet

var searchArr = [{id:1,text:"foo"},{id:2,text:"bar"}];
var filteredEl = _.filter(searchArr,function(arrEl){ 
                  if( === 1 ){
                      return arrEl;
//output: {id:1,text:"foo"}

Solution 3:

You can have a look to _.some instead of _.each.
_.some stops traversing the list once a predicate is true.
Result(s) can be stored in an external variable.

_.some([1, 2, 3], function(v) {
    if (v == 2) return true;


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Solution 4:

    return v if (v==2);

Solution 5:

Maybe you want Underscore’s any() or find(), which will stop processing when a condition is met.

Solution 6:

Like the other answers, it’s impossible.
Here is the comment about breaker in underscore underscore issue #21