How to clear all
s’ contents inside a parent


How to clear all

s’ contents inside a parent


I have a div

which has several child


How to clear the contents of all child

s inside the master

using jQuery?


Solution 1:

jQuery('#masterdiv div').html('');

Solution 2:

jQuery’s empty() function does just that:


clears the master div.

$('#masterdiv div').empty();

clears all the child divs, but leaves the master intact.

Solution 3:

Use jQuery’s CSS selector syntax to select all div elements inside the element with id masterdiv. Then call empty() to clear the contents.

$('#masterdiv div').empty();

Using text('') or html('') will cause some string parsing to take place, which generally is a bad idea when working with the DOM. Try and use DOM manipulation methods that do not involve string representations of DOM objects wherever possible.

Solution 4:

If all the divs inside that masterdiv needs to be cleared, it this.

$('#masterdiv div').html('');

else, you need to iterate on all the div children of #masterdiv, and check if the id starts with childdiv.

$('#masterdiv div').each(
        if(element.attr('id').substr(0, 8) == "childdiv")

Solution 5:

The better way is :

 $( ".masterdiv" ).empty();

Solution 6:

jQuery recommend you use “.empty()”,”.remove()”,”.detach()”

if you needed delete all element in element, use this code :


if you needed delete all element, Use this code:


i and jQuery group not recommend for use SET FUNCTION like .html() .attr() .text() , what is that? it’s IF YOU WANT TO SET ANYTHING YOU NEED

ref :