How to convert a currency string to a double with jQuery or Javascript?

How to convert a currency string to a double with jQuery or Javascript?

I have a text box that will have a currency string in it that I then need to convert that string to a double to perform some operations on it.
“$1,100.00” → 1100.00
This needs to occur all client side. I have no choice but to leave the currency string as a currency string as input but need to cast/convert it to a double to allow some mathematical operations.


Solution 1:

Remove all non dot / digits:

var currency = "-$4,400.50";
var number = Number(currency.replace(/[^0-9.-]+/g,""));

Solution 2:

accounting.js is the way to go. I used it at a project and had very good experience using it.

accounting.formatMoney(4999.99, "€", 2, ".", ","); // €4.999,99
accounting.unformat("€ 1.000.000,00", ","); // 1000000

You can find it at GitHub

Solution 3:

Use a regex to remove the formating (dollar and comma), and use parseFloat to convert the string to a floating point number.`

var currency = "$1,100.00";
var result = parseFloat(currency) + .05;

Solution 4:

I know this is an old question but wanted to give an additional option.

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The jQuery Globalize gives the ability to parse a culture specific format to a float.

Given a string “$13,042.00”, and Globalize set to en-US:


You can parse the float value out like so:

var result = Globalize.parseFloat(Globalize.format("$13,042.00", "c"));

This will give you:


And allows you to work with other cultures.

Solution 5:

This example run ok

var currency = "$123,456.00";
var number = Number(currency.replace(/[^0-9\.]+/g,""));

Solution 6:

I know this is an old question, but CMS’s answer seems to have one tiny little flaw: it only works if currency format uses “.” as decimal separator.
For example, if you need to work with russian rubles, the string will look like this:
“1 000,00 rub.”

My solution is far less elegant than CMS’s, but it should do the trick.

var currency = "1 000,00 rub."; //it works for US-style currency strings as well
var cur_re = /\D*(\d+|\d.*?\d)(?:\D+(\d{2}))?\D*$/;
var parts = cur_re.exec(currency);
var number = parseFloat(parts[1].replace(/\D/,'')+'.'+(parts[2]?parts[2]:'00'));


  • currency value uses decimal notation
  • there are no digits in the string that are not a part of the currency value
  • currency value contains either 0 or 2 digits in its fractional part *
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The regexp can even handle something like “1,999 dollars and 99 cents”, though it isn’t an intended feature and it should not be relied upon.

Hope this will help someone.