How to declare string constants in JavaScript? [duplicate]

How to declare string constants in JavaScript? [duplicate]

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Are there constants in JavaScript?

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I want to declare string constants in JavaScript.
Is there is a way to do that?


Solution 1:

Many browsers’ implementations (and Node) have constants, used with const.

const SOME_VALUE = "Your string";

This const means that you can’t reassign it to any other value.

Check the compatibility notes to see if your targeted browsers are supported.

Alternatively, you could also modify the first example, using defineProperty() or its friends and make the writable property false. This will mean the variable’s contents can not be changed, like a constant.

Solution 2:

There’s no constants in JavaScript, but to declare a literal all you have to do is:

var myString = "Hello World";

I’m not sure what you mean by store them in a resource file; that’s not a JavaScript concept.

Solution 3:

Are you using JQuery? Do you want to use the constants in multiple javascript files? Then read on. (This is my answer for a related JQuery question)

There is a handy jQuery method called ‘getScript’. Make sure you use the same relative path that you would if accessing the file from your html/jsp/etc files (i.e. the path is NOT relative to where you place the getScript method, but instead relative to your domain path). For example, for an app at localhost:8080/myDomain:

$(document).ready(function() {

then, if you have this in a file called constants.js:

var jsEnum = { //not really an enum, just an object that serves a similar purpose
  FOO : "foofoo",
  BAR : "barbar",

You can now print out ‘foofoo’ with


Solution 4:

Of course, this wasn’t an option when the OP submitted the question, but ECMAScript 6 now also allows for constants by way of the “const” keyword:

You can see ECMAScript 6 adoption here.

Solution 5:

Well, you can do it like so:

(function() {
    var localByaka;
    Object.defineProperty(window, 'Byaka', {
        get: function() {
            return localByaka;
        set: function(val) {
            localByaka = window.Byaka || val;
window.Byaka = "foo"; //set constant
window.Byaka = "bar"; // try resetting it for shits and giggles
window.Byaka; // will allways return foo!

If you do this as above in global scope this will be a true constant, because you cannot overwrite the window object.

I’ve created a library to create constants and immutable objects in javascript. Its still version 0.2 but it does the trick nicely.

Solution 6:

Standard freeze function of built-in Object can be used to freeze an object containing constants.

var obj = {
    constant_1 : 'value_1'
obj.constant_1 = 'value_2';   //Silently does nothing
obj.constant_2 = 'value_3';   //Silently does nothing

In strict mode, setting values on immutable object throws TypeError. For more details, see