How to get first character of string?

How to get first character of string?

I have a string, and I need to get its first character.
var x = ‘somestring’;
alert(x[0]); //in ie7 returns undefined

How can I fix my code?


Solution 1:

What you want is charAt.

var x = 'some string';
alert(x.charAt(0)); // alerts 's'

Solution 2:

In JavaScript you can do this:


Solution 3:

You can use any of these.

There is a little difference between all of these
So be careful while using it in conditional statement.

var string = "hello world";
console.log(string.slice(0,1));     //o/p:- h
console.log(string.charAt(0));      //o/p:- h
console.log(string.substring(0,1)); //o/p:- h
console.log(string.substr(0,1));    //o/p:- h
console.log(string[0]);             //o/p:- h

var string = "";
console.log(string.slice(0,1));     //o/p:- (an empty string)
console.log(string.charAt(0));      //o/p:- (an empty string)
console.log(string.substring(0,1)); //o/p:- (an empty string)
console.log(string.substr(0,1));    //o/p:- (an empty string)
console.log(string[0]);             //o/p:- undefined

Solution 4:


Solution 5:

var x = "somestring"

The charAt() method allows you to specify the position of the character you want.

What you were trying to do is get the character at the position of an array “x”, which is not defined as X is not an array.

Solution 6:

You can even use slice to cut-off all other characters:

x.slice(0, 1);