How to get object length [duplicate]

How to get object length [duplicate]

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Length of a JavaScript object

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Is there any built-in function that can return the length of an object?
For example, I have a = { ‘a’:1,’b’:2,’c’:3 } which should return 3. If I use a.length it returns undefined.
It could be a simple loop function, but I’d like to know if there’s a built-in function?
There is a related question (Length of a JSON object) – in the chosen answer the user advises to transform object into an array, which is not pretty comfortable for my task.


Solution 1:

For browsers supporting Object.keys() you can simply do:


Otherwise (notably in IE < 9), you can loop through the object yourself with a for (x in y) loop:

var count = 0;
var i;

for (i in a) {
    if (a.hasOwnProperty(i)) {

The hasOwnProperty is there to make sure that you’re only counting properties from the object literal, and not properties it “inherits” from its prototype.

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Solution 2:

This should do it:


However, Object.keys is not supported in IE8 and below, Opera and FF 3.6 and below.

Live demo:

Solution 3:

Can be done easily with $.map():

var len = $.map(a, function(n, i) { return i; }).length;

Solution 4:

Have you taken a look at underscore.js ( It’s a utility library with a lot of useful methods. There is a collection size method, as well as a toArray method, which may get you what you need.

_.size({one : 1, two : 2, three : 3});
=> 3

Solution 5:

Summarizing all together, here is a universal function (including ie8 support):

var objSize = function(obj) {
    var count = 0;
    if (typeof obj == "object") {
        if (Object.keys) {
            count = Object.keys(obj).length;
        } else if (window._) {
            count = _.keys(obj).length;
        } else if (window.$) {
            count = $.map(obj, function() { return 1; }).length;
        } else {
            for (var key in obj) if (obj.hasOwnProperty(key)) count++;
    return count;

document.write(objSize({ a: 1, b: 2, c: 3 }));
// 3

Solution 6:

In jQuery i’ve made it in a such way:

len = function(obj) {
    var L=0;
    $.each(obj, function(i, elem) {
    return L;