How to get text box value in JavaScript

How to get text box value in JavaScript

I am trying to use JavaScript to get the value from an HTML text box but value is not coming after white space
For example:

I only get: “software” from the above. I am using a script like this:
var jobValue = document.getElementById(‘txtJob’).value

How do I get the full value: “software engineer”?


Solution 1:

+1 Gumbo: ‘id’ is the easiest way to access page elements. IE (pre version 8) will return things with a matching ‘name’ if it can’t find anything with the given ID, but this is a bug.

i am getting only “software”.

id-vs-name won’t affect this; I suspect what’s happened is that (contrary to the example code) you’ve forgotten to quote your ‘value’ attribute:

<input type="text" name="txtJob" value=software engineer>

Solution 2:

Your element does not have an ID but just a name. So you could either use getElementsByName() method to get a list of all elements with this name:

var jobValue = document.getElementsByName('txtJob')[0].value  // first element in DOM  (index 0) with name="txtJob"

Or you assign an ID to the element:

<input type="text" name="txtJob" id="txtJob" value="software engineer">

Solution 3:

var word = document.getElementById("word").value;//by id
var word = document.forms[0].elements[0].value;//by index
//word = a word from form input
var kodlandi = escape(word);//apply url encoding


the problem you are not using encoding for input values from form
not browser adds ones to …

ontop has some problems as unicode encoding/decoding operations
use this function encoding strings/arrays

function urlencode( str ) 
// http://kevin.vanzonneveld.net3.    
// +   original by: Philip Peterson4.    
// +   improved by: Kevin van Zonneveld (    
// *     example 1: urlencode('Kevin van Zonneveld!');
// *     returns 1: 'Kevin+van+Zonneveld%21'7. 
   var ret = str; 
   ret = ret.toString();
   ret = encodeURIComponent(ret);
   ret = ret.replace(/%20/g, '+');
   return ret;

var word = "some word";
word = urlencode(word);

Solution 4:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<label>Enter your Name here: </label><br>
<input type= text id="namehere" onchange="displayname()"><br>

function displayname() {
    document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = 


<p id="demo"></p>


Solution 5:

Set the id attribute of the input to txtJob. Your browser is acting quirky when you call getElementById.

Solution 6:

If it is in a form then it would be:

<form name="jojo">
<input name="jobtitle">

Then you would say in javascript:

var val= document.jojo.jobtitle.value