How to get the selected radio button’s value?

How to get the selected radio button’s value?

I’m having some strange problem with my JS program. I had this working properly but for some reason it’s no longer working. I just want to find the value of the radio button (which one is selected) and return it to a variable. For some reason it keeps returning undefined.
Here is my code:
function findSelection(field) {
var test = ‘document.theForm.’ + field;
var sizes = test;

for (i=0; i < sizes.length; i++) { if (sizes[i].checked==true) { alert(sizes[i].value + ' you got a value'); return sizes[i].value; } } } submitForm: function submitForm() { var genderS = findSelection("genderS"); alert(genderS); } HTML:




Solution 1:


var radios = document.getElementsByName('genderS');

for (var i = 0, length = radios.length; i < length; i++)
 if (radios[i].checked)
  // do whatever you want with the checked radio

  // only one radio can be logically checked, don't check the rest

Edit: Thanks HATCHA and jpsetung for your edit suggestions.

Solution 2:

This works with any explorer.


It is the purest way to get the value of any input type.
You also do not need to include jQuery path.

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Solution 3:

Solution 4:

Since jQuery 1.8, the correct syntax for the query is


Not $('input[@name="genderS"]:checked').val(); anymore, which was working in jQuery 1.7 (with the @).

Solution 5:

The simplest solution:


Solution 6:

ECMAScript 6 version

let genderS = Array.from(document.getElementsByName("genderS")).find(r => r.checked).value;