How to hide element using Twitter Bootstrap and show it using jQuery?

How to hide element using Twitter Bootstrap and show it using jQuery?

Let’s say I create an HTML element like this,

Hello, TB4
Hello, TB4

How could I show and hide that HTML element from jQuery/Javascript.

Result: (with any of these).
I would like the elements above to be hidden.
What is simplest way to hide element using Bootstrap and show it using jQuery?


Solution 1:

The right answer

Bootstrap 4.x

Bootstrap 4.x uses the new .d-none class. Instead of using either .hidden, or .hide if you’re using Bootstrap 4.x use .d-none.

<div id="myId" class="d-none">Foobar</div>
  • To show it: $("#myId").removeClass('d-none');
  • To hide it: $("#myId").addClass('d-none');
  • To toggle it: $("#myId").toggleClass('d-none');

(thanks to the comment by Fangming)

Bootstrap 3.x

First, don’t use .hide! Use .hidden. As others have said, .hide is deprecated,

.hide is available, but it does not always affect screen readers and is deprecated as of v3.0.1

Second, use jQuery’s .toggleClass(), .addClass() and .removeClass()

<div id="myId" class="hidden">Foobar</div>
  • To show it: $("#myId").removeClass('hidden');
  • To hide it: $("#myId").addClass('hidden');
  • To toggle it: $("#myId").toggleClass('hidden');

Don’t use the css class .show, it has a very small use case. The definitions of show, hidden and invisible are in the docs.

// Classes
.show {
  display: block !important;
.hidden {
  display: none !important;
  visibility: hidden !important;
.invisible {
  visibility: hidden;

Solution 2:



Or if you somehow want the class to still be there:

  $("#my-div").css('display', 'block !important');

Solution 3:

The hide class is useful to keep the content hidden on page load.

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My solution to this is during initialization, switch to jquery’s hide:


Then show() and hide() should function as normal.

Solution 4:

Use bootstrap .collapse instead of .hidden

Later in JQuery you can use .show() or .hide() to manipulate it

Solution 5:

Another way to address this annoyance is to create your own CSS class that does not set the !important at the end of rule, like this:

.hideMe {
    display: none;

and used like so :

<div id="header-mask" class="hideMe"></div>

and now jQuery hiding works


Solution 6:

The method @dustin-graham outlined is how I do it too. Remember also that bootstrap 3 now uses “hidden” instead of “hide” as per their documentation at getbootstrap. So I would do something like this:

$(document).ready(function() {

Then whenever using the jQuery show() and hide() methods, there will be no conflict.