How to parse float with two decimal places in javascript?

How to parse float with two decimal places in javascript?

I have the following code. I would like to have it such that if price_result equals an integer, let’s say 10, then I would like to add two decimal places. So 10 would be 10.00.
Or if it equals 10.6 would be 10.60. Not sure how to do this.
price_result = parseFloat(test_var.split(‘$’)[1].slice(0,-1));


Solution 1:

You can use toFixed() to do that

var twoPlacedFloat = parseFloat(yourString).toFixed(2)

Solution 2:

When you use toFixed, it always returns the value as a string. This sometimes complicates the code. To avoid that, you can make an alternative method for Number.

Number.prototype.round = function(p) {
  p = p || 10;
  return parseFloat( this.toFixed(p) );

and use:

var n = 22 / 7; // 3.142857142857143
n.round(3); // 3.143

or simply:

(22/7).round(3); // 3.143

Solution 3:

If you need performance (like in games):

Math.round(number * 100) / 100

It’s about 100 times as fast as parseFloat(number.toFixed(2))

Solution 4:

To return a number, add another layer of parentheses. Keeps it clean.

var twoPlacedFloat = parseFloat((10.02745).toFixed(2));

Solution 5:

If your objective is to parse, and your input might be a literal, then you’d expect a float and toFixed won’t provide that, so here are two simple functions to provide this:

function parseFloat2Decimals(value) {
    return parseFloat(parseFloat(value).toFixed(2));

function parseFloat2Decimals(value,decimalPlaces) {
    return parseFloat(parseFloat(value).toFixed(decimalPlaces));

Solution 6:

ceil from lodash is probably the best


will work also with a number and it’s safe