How to remove spaces from a string using JavaScript?

How to remove spaces from a string using JavaScript?

How to remove spaces in a string? For instance:
‘/var/www/site/Brand new document.docx’



Solution 1:


str = str.replace(/\s/g, '');


var str = '/var/www/site/Brand new document.docx';

document.write( str.replace(/\s/g, '') );

Update: Based on this question, this:

str = str.replace(/\s+/g, '');

is a better solution. It produces the same result, but it does it faster.

The Regex

\s is the regex for “whitespace”, and g is the “global” flag, meaning match ALL \s (whitespaces).

A great explanation for + can be found here.

As a side note, you could replace the content between the single quotes to anything you want, so you can replace whitespace with any other string.

Solution 2:

var a = b = " /var/www/site/Brand new   document.docx ";

console.log( a.split(' ').join('') );
console.log( b.replace( /\s/g, '') ); 

Two ways of doing this!

Solution 3:

Following @rsplak answer: actually, using split/join way is faster than using regexp. See the performance test case


var result = text.split(' ').join('')

operates faster than

var result = text.replace(/\s+/g, '')

On small texts this is not relevant, but for cases when time is important, e.g. in text analisers, especially when interacting with users, that is important.

On the other hand, \s+ handles wider variety of space characters. Among with \n and \t, it also matches \u00a0 character, and that is what   is turned in, when getting text using textDomNode.nodeValue.

So I think that conclusion in here can be made as follows: if you only need to replace spaces ' ', use split/join. If there can be different symbols of symbol class – use replace(/\s+/g, '')

Solution 4:

SHORTEST and FASTEST: str.replace(/ /g, '');


Here my results – (2018.07.13) MacOs High Sierra 10.13.3 on Chrome 67.0.3396 (64-bit), Safari 11.0.3 (13604.5.6), Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit) ):

SHORT strings

Short string similar to examples from OP question

enter image description here

The fastest solution on all browsers is / /g (regexp1a) – Chrome 17.7M (operation/sec), Safari 10.1M, Firefox 8.8M. The slowest for all browsers was split-join solution. Change to \s or add + or i to regexp slows down processing.

LONG strings

For string about ~3 milion character results are:

  • regexp1a: Safari 50.14 ops/sec, Firefox 18.57, Chrome 8.95
  • regexp2b: Safari 38.39, Firefox 19.45, Chrome 9.26
  • split-join: Firefox 26.41, Safari 23.10, Chrome 7.98,

You can run it on your machine:

Solution 5:

var input = '/var/www/site/Brand new document.docx';

//remove space
input = input.replace(/\s/g, '');

//make string lower
input = input.toLowerCase();


Click here for working example

Solution 6:

  var output = '/var/www/site/Brand new document.docx'.replace(/ /g, ""); 
  var output = '/var/www/site/Brand new document.docx'.replace(/ /gi,"");

Note: Though you use ‘g’ or ‘gi’ for removing spaces both behaves the same.

If we use ‘g’ in the replace function, it will check for the exact match. but if we use ‘gi’, it ignores the case sensitivity.

for reference click here.