How to return the current timestamp with Moment.js?

How to return the current timestamp with Moment.js?

I am trying to understand the MomentJS API. What is the appropriate way to get the current time on the machine?
var CurrentDate = moment();

var CurrentDate = moment().format();

Trying to parse their docs, and its not apparent what to use.


Solution 1:

Here you are assigning an instance of momentjs to CurrentDate:

var CurrentDate = moment();

Here just a string, the result from default formatting of a momentjs instance:

var CurrentDate = moment().format();

And here the number of seconds since january of… well, unix timestamp:

var CurrentDate = moment().unix();

And here another string as ISO 8601 (What’s the difference between ISO 8601 and RFC 3339 Date Formats?):

var CurrentDate = moment().toISOString();

And this can be done too:

var a = moment();
var b = moment(a.toISOString());

console.log(a.isSame(b)); // true

Solution 2:

moment().unix() you will get a unix timestamp

moment().valueOf() you will get a full timestamp

Solution 3:

Still, no answer.
Moment.js – Can do anything but such a simple task.

I’m using this:


Solution 4:

Try to use it this way:

var current_time = new moment().format("HH:mm");

Solution 5:

If you just want the milliseconds since 01-JAN-1970, then you can use

var theMoment = moment(); // or whatever your moment instance is
var millis;

millis = +theMoment; // a short but not very readable form
// or
millis = theMoment.valueOf();
// or (almost sure not as efficient as above)
millis = theMoment.toDate().getTime();

Solution 6:

Try this

console.log(moment().format("MM ddd, YYYY hh:mm:ss a"));
console.log(moment().format("MM ddd, YYYY hh:mm:ss a"));
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