How to run a jsfiddle result with url?

How to run a jsfiddle result with url?

I have this jsfiddle:

Hello World

I’d like to run it so that when I go to a url it’ll just show me the results window (NOT the editor). So I’d just see a blank “Hello World” on the screen. It’d be nice if jsfiddle had a query string to do this as an option: or something.
Is this possible with jsfiddle, or some other workaround?
p.s I’m trying to test some things with mobile that’s why I’d like a url to my running fiddle (not editor).


Solution 1:

Add /show to the end of your URL:

Solution 2:

If this is only for demo purpose, then you should be satisfied with this:

as with pattern:


Solution 3:

You should now use their JShell with the following pattern:[USER]/[FIDDLE_ID]/show/


Edit : I found this URL by inspecting the page[USER]/[FIDDLE_ID]/ iframe

The result view is an iframe that points to