How to select the first element in the dropdown using jquery?

How to select the first element in the dropdown using jquery?

I want to know how to select the first option in all select tags on my page using jquery.
tried this:
$(‘select option:nth(0)’).attr(“selected”, “selected”);

But didn’t work


Solution 1:

Try this out…

$('select option:first-child').attr("selected", "selected");

Another option would be this, but it will only work for one drop down list at a time as coded below:

var myDDL = $('myID');
myDDL[0].selectedIndex = 0;

Take a look at this post on how to set based on value, its interesting but won’t help you for this specific issue:

Change the selected value of a drop-down list with jQuery

Solution 2:

Your selector is wrong, you were probably looking for

$('select option:nth-child(1)')

This will work also:

$('select option:first-child')

Solution 3:

Ana alternative Solution for RSolgberg, which fires the 'onchange' event if present:

$("#target").val($("#target option:first").val());

How to make first option of <select > selected with jQuery?

Solution 4:

$("#DDLID").val( $("#DDLID option:first-child").val() );

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Solution 5:

What you want is probably:

$("select option:first-child")

What this code

attr("selected", "selected");

is doing is setting the “selected” attribute to “selected”

If you want the selected options, regardless of whether it is the first-child, the selector is:


Solution 6:

I’m answering because the previous answers have stopped working with the latest version of jQuery. I don’t know when it stopped working, but the documentation says that .prop() has been the preferred method to get/set properties since jQuery 1.6.

This is how I got it to work (with jQuery 3.2.1):

$('select option:nth-child(1)').prop("selected", true);

I am using knockoutjs and the change bindings weren’t firing with the above code, so I added .change() to the end.

Here’s what I needed for my solution:

$('select option:nth-child(1)').prop("selected", true).change();

See .prop() notes in the documentation here: