How to set a JavaScript breakpoint from code in Chrome?

How to set a JavaScript breakpoint from code in Chrome?

I want to force the Chrome debugger to break on a line via code, or else using some sort of comment tag such as something like console.break().


Solution 1:

You can use debugger; within your code. If the developer console is open, execution will break. It works in firebug as well.

Solution 2:

Set up a button click listener and call the debugger;


$("#myBtn").click(function() {


Resources on debugging in JavaScript

Solution 3:

You can also use debug(function), to break when function is called.

Command Line API Reference: debug

Solution 4:

As other have already said, debugger; is the way to go.
I wrote a small script that you can use from the command line in a browser to set and remove breakpoint right before function call:

Solution 5:

On the “Scripts” tab, go to where your code is. At the left of the line number, click. This will set a breakpoint.


screenshot of breakpoint in chrome

You will then be able to track your breakpoints within the right tab (as shown in the screenshot).

Solution 6:

debugger is a reserved keyword by EcmaScript and given optional semantics since ES5

As a result, it can be used not only in Chrome, but also Firefox and Node.js via node debug myscript.js.

The standard says:


DebuggerStatement :
    debugger ;


Evaluating the DebuggerStatement production may allow an implementation to cause a breakpoint when run under a debugger. If a debugger is not present or active this statement has no observable effect.

The production DebuggerStatement : debugger ; is evaluated as follows:

  1. If an implementation defined debugging facility is available and enabled, then
    1. Perform an implementation defined debugging action.
    2. Let result be an implementation defined Completion value.
  2. Else
    1. Let result be (normal, empty, empty).
  3. Return result.

No changes in ES6.