I get a status 200 when connecting to the websocket, but it is an error?

I get a status 200 when connecting to the websocket, but it is an error?

My error shows up in the console of my browser:
“WebSocket connection to ‘ws://localhost:32768/DspClusterWebServices/myHandler’ failed: Unexpected response code: 200”
I am using Spring Websockets 4.1.5 and Tomcat 8.0.18. My WebSocketConfigurer implementation class looks like:
public class WebSocketConfig implements WebSocketConfigurer
class MyHandler implements WebSocketHandler
public void afterConnectionEstablished(WebSocketSession session) throws Exception
System.out.println(“afterConntectionEstablished called”);

…implements rest of functions with a System.out.println and false for supportsPartialMessages()


@Override registerWebSocketHandlers(WebSocketHandlerRegistry registry)
registry.addHandler(myHandler(), “myHandler”).withSockJS();

public WebSocketHandler myHandler()
return new MyHandler();

My testWebsocketClient.js tries to connect with this code, but has a error code of 200:
websocket = new WebSocket(“ws://localhost:8080/myApp/myHandler”);

I cannot figure out what to try next. I thought that this would cause the afterConnectionEstablished(WebSocketSession session) method to fire? Isn’t code 200 good?


Solution 1:

Please check http://procbits.com/connecting-to-a-sockjs-server-from-native-html5-websocket!

After you append /websocket (to your URL), it will give you the error

Failed to parse Origin header value [null]

, which then will in turn lead you to that link.

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You’ll have to add .setAllowedOrigins("*") to your addHandler() method, and then it could finally work!

Solution 2:

Have a look at the specification . The server should respond with 101 to signal protocol change from http to ws.

Solution 3:

As my another answer:[https://stackoverflow.com/a/53272666/2930417][1]

I use springboot 2 +STOMP。

remove .withSockJS(),then everything is ok.

I don’t know the reason,but works for me.

Solution 4:

Please check that if ‘ws://localhost:32768/DspClusterWebServices/myHandler’ is correct.

Solution 5:

For those guys like me who use angular + springboot and got this error. please check if you have enabled the redirect or forward all non api endpoint request back to index.html. like:

@RequestMapping(value = "/**/{[path:[^\\.]*}")
    public String redirect() {
        // Forward to home page so that route is preserved.
        return "forward:/index.html";

If you do, disable it and you will get 101

Solution 6:

Don’t know if this is too late but a solution that I stumbled upon is simply appending the string /websocket after the websocket endpoint that you declared in the spring boot server. This will help keep both the forwarding logic and connect and establish a websocket connection.

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