Is there a Sleep/Pause/Wait function in JavaScript? [duplicate]

Is there a Sleep/Pause/Wait function in JavaScript? [duplicate]

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What is the JavaScript version of sleep()?

Is there a JavaScript function that simulates the operation of the sleep function in PHP — a function that pauses code execution for x milliseconds, and then resumes where it left off?
I found some things here on Stack Overflow, but nothing useful.


Solution 1:

You need to re-factor the code into pieces. This doesn’t stop execution, it just puts a delay in between the parts.

function partA() {

function partB() {

Solution 2:

You can’t (and shouldn’t) block processing with a sleep function. However, you can use setTimeout to kick off a function after a delay:

setTimeout(function(){alert("hi")}, 1000);

Depending on your needs, setInterval might be useful, too.

Solution 3:

setTimeout() function it’s use to delay a process in JavaScript.

w3schools has an easy tutorial about this function.

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