Javascript: How to remove characters from end of string? [duplicate]

Javascript: How to remove characters from end of string? [duplicate]

I have a string, 12345.00, and I would like it to return 12345.0.
I have looked at trim, but it looks like it is only trimming whitespace and slice which I don’t see how this would work. Any suggestions?


Solution 1:

You can use the substring function:

var str = "12345.00";
str = str.substring(0, str.length - 1); // "12345.0"

This is the accepted answer, but as per the conversations below, the slice syntax is much clearer:

var str = "12345.00";
str = str.slice(0, -1); // "12345.0"

Solution 2:

You can use slice! You just have to make sure you know how to use it. Positive #s are relative to the beginning, negative numbers are relative to the end.


Solution 3:

You can use the substring method of JavaScript string objects:

s = s.substring(0, s.length - 4)

It unconditionally removes the last four characters from string s.

However, if you want to conditionally remove the last four characters, only if they are exactly _bar:

var re = /_bar$/;
s.replace(re, "");

Solution 4:

The easiest method is to use the slice method of the string, which allows negative positions (corresponding to offsets from the end of the string):

var s = "your string";
var withoutLastFourChars = s.slice(0, -4);

If you needed something more general to remove everything after (and including) the last underscore, you could do the following (so long as s is guaranteed to contain at least one underscore):

var s = "your_string";
var withoutLastChunk = s.slice(0, s.lastIndexOf("_"));
// withoutLastChunk == "your"

Solution 5:

For a number like your example, I would recommend doing this over substring:

alert(parseFloat('12345.00').toFixed(1)); // 12345.0

Do note that this will actually round the number, though, which I would imagine is desired but maybe not:

alert(parseFloat('12345.46').toFixed(1)); // 12345.5

Solution 6:

Using JavaScript’s slice function:

var string = 'foo_bar';
string = string.slice(0, -4); // Slice off last four characters here

This could be used to remove ‘_bar’ at end of a string, of any length.