Javascript projects to learn from [closed]


Javascript projects to learn from [closed]

I like javascript, but I have problem with learning it 🙂
I mean, i use it at work but I would like to know more, and I think the best way to do it is to read and understand someone else’s code.
I use ASP.Net MVC and there are some great opensource projects you can use to learn new technology, like NerdDinner, Oxite or SharpArchitecture or even MS starterkits.
I was trying to read frameworks like jQuery, but it’s really complicated, and I don’t think that it was created to learn new things from it.
Do you know any good JS projects that can help with learning javascript ?
I’ll try to paste all good sources here :

Github – javascript
JS Made Easy

Nice JS tutorial: Eloquent Javascript


Solution 1:

Have a look at some of the JavaScript projects hosted on Github:

Solution 2:

There’s a great interactive tutorial for learning JS, Eloquent Javascript which I would really recommend. Since you already mentioned you tried learning jQuery by the source and it was hard, why not just go this route?

Solution 3:

In essence all javascript is open source. You just go to the webpage and view source.

If you open the JS file directly you will see its source.

There are of course exceptions, with people trying to obfuscate javascript, but they are the minority.

Checkout jQuery and the jQuery plugins to learn more.

Another good source is the talks of Douglas Crockford on javascript. Google has a bunch of them, here.

Solution 4:

I would recommend to take a look at OpenLayers project.

It’s an open source javascript library for creating web mapping “Google Maps”-like applications.

It’s a good example of how to write solid, testable and maintainable object oriented javascript code.

Solution 5:

Did you check out the JQuery tutorial pages? They contain a lot of practical examples

Solution 6:
scripts exaples – learn by example