JavaScript to scroll long page to DIV

JavaScript to scroll long page to DIV

I have a link on a long HTML page. When I click it, I wish a div on another part of the page to be visible in the window by scrolling into view.
A bit like EnsureVisible in other languages.
I’ve checked out scrollTop and scrollTo but they seem like red herrings.
Can anyone help?


Solution 1:

old question, but if anyone finds this through google (as I did) and who does not want to use anchors or jquery; there’s a builtin javascriptfunction to ‘jump’ to an element;


and what’s even better; according to the great compatibility-tables on quirksmode, this is supported by all major browsers!

Solution 2:

If you don’t want to add an extra extension the following code should work with jQuery.

        var target = $('a[name=target]');
        if (target.length)
            var top = target.offset().top;
            $('html,body').animate({scrollTop: top}, 1000);
            return false;

Solution 3:

How about the JQuery ScrollTo – see this sample code

Solution 4:

<a href="#myAnchorALongWayDownThePage">Click here to scroll</a>

<A name='myAnchorALongWayDownThePage"></a>

No fancy scrolling but it should take you there.

Solution 5:

The difficulty with scrolling is that you may not only need to scroll the page to show a div, but you may need to scroll inside scrollable divs on any number of levels as well.

The scrollTop property is a available on any DOM element, including the document body. By setting it, you can control how far down something is scrolled. You can also use clientHeight and scrollHeight properties to see how much scrolling is needed (scrolling is possible when clientHeight (viewport) is less than scrollHeight (the height of the content).

You can also use the offsetTop property to figure out where in the container an element is located.

To build a truly general purpose “scroll into view” routine from scratch, you would need to start at the node you want to expose, make sure it’s in the visible portion of it’s parent, then repeat the same for the parent, etc, all the way until you reach the top.

One step of this would look something like this (untested code, not checking edge cases):

function scrollIntoView(node) {
  var parent = node.parent;
  var parentCHeight = parent.clientHeight;
  var parentSHeight = parent.scrollHeight;
  if (parentSHeight > parentCHeight) {
    var nodeHeight = node.clientHeight;
    var nodeOffset = node.offsetTop;
    var scrollOffset = nodeOffset + (nodeHeight / 2) - (parentCHeight / 2);
    parent.scrollTop = scrollOffset;
  if (parent.parent) {

Solution 6:

This worked for me