jQuery date/time picker [closed]


jQuery date/time picker [closed]

I’ve been looking around for a decent jQuery plugin that can handle both dates and times. The core UI DatePicker is great, but unfortunately I need to be able to take time in as well.
I’ve found a few hacks for the DatePicker to work with times, but they all seem pretty inelegant and Google isn’t turning up anything nice.
Is there a good jQuery plugin for selecting dates and times in a single UI control with a usable interface?


Solution 1:

By far the nicest and simplest DateTime picker option is http://trentrichardson.com/examples/timepicker/.

It is an extension of the jQuery UI Datepicker so it will support the same themes as well it works very much the same way, similar syntax, etc. This should be packaged with the jQuery UI imo.

Solution 2:

@David, thanks for the recommendation! @fluid_chelsea, I’ve just released Any+Time(TM) version 3.x which uses jQuery instead of Prototype and has a much-improved interface, so I hope it now meets your needs:


Any problems, please let me know via the comment link on my website!

Solution 3:

In my view, dates and times should be handled as two separate input boxes for it to be most usable and efficient for the user to input. Let the user input one thing at a time is a good principle, imho.

I use the core UI DatePicker, and the following time picker.

This one is inspired by the one Google Calendar uses:

jQuery timePicker:
examples: http://labs.perifer.se/timedatepicker/
project on github: https://github.com/perifer/timePicker

I found it to be the best among all of the alternatives. User can input fast, it looks clean, is simple, and allows user to input specific times down to the minute.

In my view: sliders (used by some alternative time pickers) take too many clicks and require mouse precision from the user (which makes input slower).

Solution 4:

My best experience with a datepicker is with the prototype-based AnyTime. I know that’s not jQuery, but it may still be worth the compromise for you. I know absolutely no prototype, and it’s still easy enough to work with.

One caveat I’ve found: it is not forward compatible on some browsers. That is, it did not work with a newer version of prototype on Chrome.

Solution 5:

Just to add to the info here, The Fluid Project has a nice wiki write-up overviewing a large number of date and/or time pickers here.

Solution 6:

I researched this just recently and have yet to find a decent date picker that also includes a decent time picker. What I ended up using was eyecon’s awesome DatePicker, with two simple dropdowns for time. I was tempted to use Timepickr.js though, looks like a really nice approach.