jQuery: Wait/Delay 1 second without executing code

jQuery: Wait/Delay 1 second without executing code

I can’t get the .delay method working in jQuery:
$.delay(3000); // not working
$(queue).delay(3000); // not working

I’m using a while loop to wait until an uncontrolled changing value is greater than or equal to another and I can’t find any way to hault execution for X seconds.


Solution 1:

$.delay is used to delay animations in a queue, not halt execution.

Instead of using a while loop, you need to recursively call a method that performs the check every second using setTimeout:

var check = function(){
        // run when condition is met
    else {
        setTimeout(check, 1000); // check again in a second


Solution 2:

You can also just delay some operation this way:

setTimeout(function (){

  // Something you want delayed.

}, 5000); // How long do you want the delay to be (in milliseconds)? 

Solution 3:

JavaScript setTimeout is a very good solution:

function funcx()
   // your code here
   // break out here if needed
   setTimeout(funcx, 3000);


The delay function in jQuery is mostly used for delaying animations in a jQuery animation queue.

Solution 4:

jQuery’s delay function is meant to be used with effects and effect queues, see the delay docs and the example therein:


If you want to observe a variable for changes, you could do something like

(function() {
    var observerInterval = setInterval(function() {
        if (/* check for changes here */) {
           // do something here
    }, 1000);

Solution 5:

delay() doesn’t halt the flow of code then re-run it. There’s no practical way to do that in JavaScript. Everything has to be done with functions which take callbacks such as setTimeout which others have mentioned.

The purpose of jQuery’s delay() is to make an animation queue wait before executing. So for example $(element).delay(3000).fadeIn(250); will make the element fade in after 3 seconds.

Solution 6:

es6 setTimeout

setTimeout(() => {
  console.log("we waited 204586560000 ms to run this code, oh boy wowwoowee!");
}, 204586560000);

Edit: 204586560000 ms is the approximate time between the original question and this answer… assuming I calculated correctly.