Keep only first n characters in a string?

Keep only first n characters in a string?

Is there a way in JavaScript to remove the end of a string?
I need to only keep the first 8 characters of a string and remove the rest.


Solution 1:

You are looking for JavaScript’s String method substring


'Hiya how are you'.substring(0,8);

Which returns the string starting at the first character and finishing before the 9th character – i.e. ‘Hiya how’.

substring documentation

Solution 2:

You could use String.slice:

var str = '12345678value';
var strshortened = str.slice(0,8);
alert(strshortened); //=> '12345678'

Using this, a String extension could be:

String.prototype.truncate = String.prototype.truncate ||
  function (n){
    return this.slice(0,n);
var str = '12345678value';
alert(str.truncate(8)); //=> '12345678'

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Solution 3:

Use substring function
Check this out

var string = "1234567890"
var substr=string.substr(-8);

Output >> 34567890

substr(-8) will keep last 8 chars

var substr=string.substr(8);

Output >> 90

substr(8) will keep last 2 chars

var substr=string.substr(0, 8);

Output >> 12345678

substr(0, 8) will keep first 8 chars

Check this out

Solution 4:

You could try:

myString.substring(0, 8);

Solution 5:

var myString = "Hello, how are you?";

Solution 6:

Use the string.substring(from, to) API. In your case, use string.substring(0,8).

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