Redirecting to a relative URL in JavaScript

Redirecting to a relative URL in JavaScript

I have a problem:
I want to redirect via JavaScript to a directory above.
My code:
location.href = (location.href).substr(0, (location.href).lastIndexOf(‘folder’));

The URL looks like this:

The redirect affect just this:

But want to have this:

How could I do that?


Solution 1:

You can do a relative redirect:

window.location.href = '../'; //one level up


window.location.href = '/path'; //relative to domain

Solution 2:

If you use location.hostname you will get your part. Then location.pathname will give you /path/folder. I would split location.pathname by / and reassemble the URL. But unless you need the querystring, you can just redirect to .. to go a directory above.

Solution 3:

redirect to ../

Solution 4:

<a href="..">no JS needed</a>

.. means parent directory.

Solution 5:

  • window.location.assign("../"); // one level up
  • window.location.assign("/path"); // relative to domain

Solution 6:

I’m trying to redirect my current web site to other section on the same page, using JavaScript. This follow code work for me: